Division - beta weekend impressions.

Discussion in 'General' started by Merketh, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Merketh

    Merketh Guild Council Staff Member

    post up your feedback :cool:
  2. Keldin

    Keldin Guild Member

    Had a blast, we played for 5 hours straight!

    The dark zone was great, nice and tense PVP.

    It ran fine on medium on 4.5 year old PC too.
  3. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    Friday, logged in at 1, no queues what so ever, gpu not happy with me running it on high or ultra as it crashed :p Tuned it to Medium and since then no more crashes. Will have to figure out what is causing it!

    Impressions. Great game, and the world looks stunning.

    Played for well over 12hrs yesterday... lvl 8 now for the normal world and lvl 11 with Darkzone. Darkzone is just tense! really loving it!
  4. Ryatzu

    Ryatzu High Templar

    Ill keep it short: game crashes all the time, only got to the brightness select screen....
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  5. TiranKenja

    TiranKenja Officer

    Tried it out last night and didn't like it much.

    First impression was really bad since it decided that since I had joysticks and stuff plugged in I must be using an Xbox controller. And that resulted in not being able to accept my character look... After unplugging them all it accepted keyboards. But now decided I was Chinese and changed all text to that. Changing all places I could find in the config files didn't make any difference there. But finally I got into the settings and deduced where to change it. And that worked.

    Turns out that was the excitement in the game. Story mode seems like regular open world grind missions with some set pieces. And all I see of Dark Zone looks just like stupid item grind with horrible PvP mechanics. Want to mix it up and go rogue? Sure you now become visible to everyone - though walls and everything - to hunt you down. And you can't fire back for 5 minutes - or get hit - if you want to get out if it and collect the rewards... Yeah. That sounds fun.

    Don't help it is 3rd-person-cover-shooter either. A style made to make it easier to play a game with a console controller. That I absolutely loathe!

    So yeah. It's a solid "won't buy" from me ;)
  6. Ryatzu

    Ryatzu High Templar

  7. Exiled

    Exiled High Templar

    Hmm, overall controls are fine if a lil awkward without a jump button. Combat seems fun and accurate for shooty shooty.

    The missions seem quite generic as do the enemies so far. The rewards and building homepage up is cool n all.

    Darkness zone is a bit of a cluster fuck of, do I trust you? Nooope flee! But I'd imagine will stabilise at some point.

    The overall environment is beautiful and the weather system is the best I've seen.

    The Ui and the grain annoys me a bit but I'm assuming I can turn that off at some point, the cover system works, not a huge fan of cover based stuff but it works well.

    I got a shotgun and a truckers cap, MERCA!!!
  8. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    After having played well over 30hrs in the game, I am hooked to it. Game is fluent, sometimes a bit it controller feeling to it at times. Keybindings are important and I will have to sort them out for Launch.

    Got all the intel in the area so proud of that :) For the rest being just running around in the DZ all over today and yesterday. Had a blast there and hoping more people loved it :)
  9. Ryatzu

    Ryatzu High Templar

    Seems like i only need to upgrade my CPU, my grafics card is supported.

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  10. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    time to get one then :D

    you will love it tbh... from the time I played, about 75% of the time I was in the DZ :D
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  11. Merketh

    Merketh Guild Council Staff Member

    so, writing this with the caveat we have only seem a slice of the gameworld:


    World/setting - Nice to see a more realistic setting for a change, and it looks pretty even on lower settings
    Map - I was initially worried it would be too small, but with the added verticality of going both up and down on the map in houses and sewers it literally adds a whole new level.
    Darkzone - Fun place, a shame its not the ruleset for the whole game , i would prefer a "PvP server" but guess this is the compromize they did.
    Weapons, modding, crafting - seems to be a solid system


    Mob diversity and density - the world feels empty. mobs are far and few in between, something i especially came across in the darkzone. Also, the mob types arent particulary diverse.
    Story - tbh, I didnt pay too much attention to it, but it felt very generic and forgettable.
    "hacking" - already going on, and im not really hopeful they will sort it out in time for launch.
    Lasting appeal? - at the end of the day, its just a loot grinder and im worried that once you are done with the missions the game will grow stale.

    closing remarks

    A solid game that is best played with a full group for the full enjoyment. lasting appeal needs to be adressed and also how frequent they do content updates, free and paid DLC.
  12. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    to comment on some things. Apparently we got an older version of the game. Game journalists have stated that the game is/was emptier then when they played and they seem to have been on a newer version

    The story is more done through the intel (phones, echoes, survival guide etc.) I managed to find them all (with a little help of @Caracca ) but it is really well done tbh. Not sure how far you got in the end with it @Merketh but they are tricky to find and it's a good challenge to do so and will keep you occupied for a while.

    To add to this, I didn't suffer any of the invisible glitches or so till yesterday when it became apparent that people have learned how to use it and get glitched themselves. It ruined the last day a bit when @Mehuge @supatsunami and me were running around in DZ's and suffered from people abusing it like little kids when we stole their candy :D It was hilarious when we realised it was happening to us because we were winning from them in fair fights. I have faith in Massive to sort it and I think we will see some info about the whole beta and events with it (sidenote, one of the community ppl from Massive NatChai used it at a certain point as well on a stream :p )

    In regards of the lasting appeal, I am waiting for the endgame content news about it, but there is a hint of some raid stuff going to happen but the details about it are all shrouded in darkness / shadow as Massive is trying to keep a lid on everything.
  13. Pilgrim

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  14. Pilgrim

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  15. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    @Fest ! need to make this our sniper rifle! or if there are better ones :D
  16. Fest

    Fest Guild Member

    I think I read that there is something like over 10 weapons so probably even better one is the full game, I only got a green version of it in the beta tho :( does look nice tho
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  17. Fest

    Fest Guild Member

    I posted some remarks on the official forum but, but in summary;

    I liked the PVE storyline (although limited in beta) lots of things to do e.g the intel gathering, with genuine rewards for completing them i.e updates to various wings etc.

    I didn't really get bored of the NPC's apart from in hard mode where the sponginess became more apparent. regardless of what stats are on any weapon the mechanics are actually quiet clever, just because ur crosshairs are pointing at the target doesn't mean the rounds land exactly where u aim.

    The environment itself looks very great, lots of little extra eye candy if ur pc can take the higher settings.

    I like that the PVE & PVP areas are separated but not far to go for either, the hacking/exploiting didn't bother me as such because it is a simple fix for the invisible bug as for potential aimbots and such they are part of any online game so not really much u can do about that. don't see it being a bigger issue with this game than say counter strike.

    One thing I thought quiet a lot about was the pvp mechanics. I'm not really a run around kill anything that moves person and as such don't do it in any game be it h1z1 or anything else, and I think the game rewards you for playing honestly, the dark zone is a PVE area which allows pvp, the incentive of the area is to get the dark zone crates as they give the best loot and 1000dz credits so obviously the areas of contention are always going to be the crates/npc's and the extraction zones. that being said you don't actually get much for killing someone in the dark zone until they are rogue then the rewards are huge! on average killing a random gives 1-200credits where as killing a rogue gives anything from 250-2000 credits. me and pil played quiet a bit and one particular occasion someone was being a bit of an ass outside the safe house and killed pil to get rank3 rogue & thought he could escape up some zip line, however I was already up there and upon killing him received about 1200 credits so it seems to me that as an "agent" doing your job gives rewards tho there is the option for "mindless killing" whatever takes your fancy. The only thing I would like to see adjusted which I'm sure will be the case is "tagging" people when they try and enter either safehouses or checkpoints therefor putting you back in combat and unable to enter, shooting someone once doesn't make you rogue so people started exploiting this, I think some kind of system lets you maybe do this once as could be a mistake, but repeated tagging of the same person should make them rogue, it would soon stop that practice.
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  18. Merketh

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  19. Merketh

    Merketh Guild Council Staff Member

    So, what did people think about it?