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    With a focus on the art of ruling and national improvement, Common Sense adds depth to domestic rule and adds a number of major changes to diplomacy.
    The most significant modification in Common Sense is the new provincial development system. Building space in a province is now limited by its terrain and Development Value. The more developed a province is, the greater wealth and power you can squeeze out of it. By spending monarch points, you can now customize your trading hubs or make great recruiting centers. Fewer, more powerful buildings means that every decision about construction has greater importance – if you want a manufactory and have no building slots in Champagne, what will you destroy?

    Other major features include:
    Parliaments: The English crown and other constitutional systems of government can now use their flexible system to pass laws through parliaments
    National Churches: Protestant kingdoms can customize their new faith and make it a true partner to the throne.
    New Religious Systems: Buddhism and Protestantism both get fresh coats of faith-based paint
    New Options For Subject States: Once just tiny money faucets, recent expansions have made vassals and colonial nations more useful. Common Sense gives you new tools to exploit them or keep them in line
    Government Ranks: As you invest in the development of your nation, you can climb from a small duchy to a major empire, unlocking new benefits.
    New Government mechanics: Theocracies will have new actions and mechanics to highlight their unique character, and the Holy Roman Empire can create Free Cities As always, Common Sense will be accompanied by a host of free updates and improvements - including some significant changes to the map of Europe.
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    Anchors Aweigh! New Europa Universalis IV Expansion Sets Sail

    If you control the sea lanes, you control the trade. If you control the trade, you control the world. It all sounds so easy. But first you need guns and ships and men to man them. It’s one thing to protect your coasts, but another to project power beyond them. Are you ready to make the ocean yours?

    Mare Nostrum is the new expansion DLC for Paradox Development Studio’s best-selling historical grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV. For those of you not up on your Latin, “mare nostrum” was the old Roman term for the Mediterranean – it means “our sea”, reflecting the Roman goal to dominate the sea to protect the food and riches that were rowed into its ports.

    Mare Nostrum, therefore, takes its name from the major changes made to the naval game in Europa Universalis. For example, your coastal provinces produce sailors who will be needed to man and repair the warships and transports you have come to rely on. A new mission system for naval orders simplifies naval management, and the Barbary Coast nations of North Africa can now raid their neighbors for gold and sailor conscripts.

    Other features of Mare Nostrum will include:

    •Condottieri: Rent out your soldiers as mercenaries to give an underdog a fighting chance while filling your treasury

    •Trade Leagues: For merchant republics, the power of the purse is amplified by creating economic and military alliances

    •Share Maps: Instead of waiting for the world to come to you, ask your friends if they have discoveries they are willing to share.

    •PLUS; changes to diplomacy, subject nation management and much more. Mare Nostrum will be available soon from major digital retailers and the Paradox store.

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    For the first time, The Cossacks is now available at a discount. Buy it now at the Paradox Store and you'll get 25% off!
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