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  1. Hender

    Hender Guild Member

    work at gaz station
    Character Name:
    Still dunno which will use at release

    What time and days are you usually available to play:
    everyday after work
    Do you have Discord, a working microphone and the ability to use it:
    If you cannot use Discord to speak at certain times please indicate those times here:
    Do you use IRC:
    No, but i can start using
    What type of internet connection do you have? Is it reliable:
    cable fiber 100/100, yes
    Why are you interested in joining Mystical Awakening:
    talked with all Eu leaders with created guilds to match my playstyle, pilgrim was the most friendly one i talked with including details about the guild that matched what i was looking for.
    Have you read (and agree with) our Guild Charter:
    Previous MMO Experience:
    Conquer online, rf,tera,c9,riders of icarus, revelations online,mu, mu legends, and more"placed the ones coming to mind first"
    What do you consider your best MMO achievements to date:
    c9 had awesome pvp
    What skills, knowledge or other contributions can you bring to Mystical Awakening:
    will farm and fight alot team work
    List your previous guild(s) (from any MMO):
    Reason for leaving your previous guild:
    Any existing Mystical Awakening member that can vouch for you:
    Describe your tolerance to constructive criticism:
    i play as a hobby to have fun not to get mad, avoid/ignore/laugh
    What is your view on alt characters:
    its good to focus in different needs
    What, based on your MMO experience to date, is the reason you would most likely state for leaving the game:
    No active friends to play with/dieing game.
    Anything else you would like to share/add with us:
    cant wait to learn test more
  2. Hender

    Hender Guild Member

    Describe your tolerance to constructive criticism:
    its always good to know when im out of line since i joke alot, when something can be improved,
    "raging players"
    i play as a hobby to have fun not to get mad, avoid/ignore/laugh
  3. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    Sounds good! waiting for the answer of 1 person and then I can let you know...
  4. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member


    Sorting out roles!
  5. Merketh

    Merketh Guild Council Staff Member

    welcome dude :)