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    Master of Orion Version 43.6 Patch Notes
    Greetings Explorers,

    Today we've released a patch for Master of Orion that addresses many of the issues you've reported since Early Access 3 began on April 22nd. Please keep the feedback coming, and let us know if you're still experiencing issues with the game after today's patch.

    - Increased the size of Circular Huge galaxies (95 stars to 125)
    - Fixed soft lock when invading a colony with only transports
    - Increased perceived value of Shared Charts and Trade tech
    - Beams were behaving erratically after optimization
    - Fixed a bug that lowered Minor Civilizations disposition when colonizing anywhere
    - Mac: Fixed a Fatal Error when clicking the Invest button in the Empire Management Screen
    - Fixed the local security bonuses formula
    - Removed pirates around AIs until anti Pirate tactics are implemented (Temporary Fix)

    - Fixed several bugs that prevented AI from building the most appropriate class of ships as required
    - Diplomatic AI will accept deals that have a net 0 effect
    - Diplomatic AI will use same primitive to estimate how many stars as the Audience module to determine if it's available or not for Shared Charts treaty
    - Improved afraid status evaluation during negotiations

    Visual Improvements
    - Gas clouds and Asteroids FX revamp
    - Replaced colony ships during intro cutscene
    - Replaced Silicoid home planet for intro cutscene
    - Fixed Silicoid Crystal shader blur
    - Fixed Silicoid lighting in Diplomacy Screen

    - The AI now correctly judges deals that it proposed with the "What will make this deal work" option
    - The AI now will accept fair deals with 0 net effect
    - Fixed null WarInfo and LogError messages
    - Fixed afraid enemies accepting all trades for only 1 BC

    - Fixed stealing technologies message showing to all races and not just the thief
    - Fixed tech stealing showing techs from the player instead of the enemy
    - Updated espionage targeting reticle
    - Different input schemes for selecting agents and giving orders

    Tactical Mode
    - Several performance optimizations
    - Increased overall pirate weapons DPS (it was yielding 0 Att Rating)
    - Slightly buffed Pirate Frigate HP
    - Fixed the Missile Camera endless looping sound

    Ship Design
    - Fixed issue where excluding modifiers where selectable
    - Fixed Ship Designs list not docking correctly leaving the last designs out of the screen
    - Module list scrollbar was not positioned correctly and was overlapping the modules info

    - Fixed unachievable economic victory in two player skirmishes
    - Fixed empty tooltip for allies when war is declared to a member of an alliance
    - Fixed game loading issues

    User Interface
    - Added full GMF Shares Exchange functionality to Audience screen.
    - Added new targeting reticule for selecting planets.
    - Fixed top bar not showing in the Research Screen.
    - Fixed soft lock when using Right and Left Keys to cycle in the Planet Screen.
    - Fixed Shares graphic not showing the right info on Invest pop-up.

    - Fixed several GNN dialogs in Russian.
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