New website and a new beginning for Mystical Awakening!

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By Pilgrim on Mar 18, 2015 at 2:14 PM
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    Greetings, friends and guildmates. As you probably can see, we now have a new webiste/forum for the guild. We have been using Enjin for a while and when we started we felt right at home. However some key features were still missing to be of use to us and it limited us to reach out to you as a member. With the help of some guild members we feel like we have adressed most of these concerns now.

    There are still a few things that will need to be looked at, and if you find them, post them here. If you have anything you would want to add to the website, feel free. Once you are signed up then post here for user access and you will get the guild member tag to see the rest of the website.

    You can now tag members using @<name> And I will look into the option to tag all the guild members / registered members for a notification on important things, this will allow you all to stay on top of news as well!

    The old Enjin website will still be around for archiving functions, so you don't have to fear all will be lost with it.
    you can access it on this adress :

    Enjoy the new website and welcome on behalf of the guild council of Mystical Awakening!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Pilgrim, Mar 18, 2015.

    1. Merketh
    2. neorapsta
      Agreed, it all looks pretty swanky
    3. Estylon
    4. Pilgrim
    5. Merketh
    6. Dealin
      Hi guys! Has been a while, was surprised to see the Facebook page pop by :) nice that we have one now! Recently started again with ESO now it's subscription has dropped ;) maybe I'll see some of you there
    7. Ryatzu
      I log in time by time. Ingame Ryatzu :)
    8. Pilgrim
      hey @Dealin ! welcome to the new website! Make sure to keep an eye out as we do monthly games with voting and ESO is on that list as well!
    9. Tuche
      One thing that i dislike about this new forum is that we are unable to set how many posts we want to have/read per page (seems to be set to 10?). I looked thru my settings and couldn't find any settings to change it.
    10. Pilgrim
      It is something I can look at, it's done forum wide, I will check later today and see if I can set it to 10+
    11. Tuche
      Nothing that serious, it is just a personal preference, on most forums i have it set to 50, so on big threads i don't have to go thru 15 pages, but 3 (much less clicking and somewhat can follow discussions better).

      There might be people with contra arguments on the 50-setting :D