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  1. Pilgrim

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    Dear Fellow Adventurers,

    now that the closed beta test is in full swing, we have a very important announcement to make.
    1. The closed beta will be extended until at least 1st August 2016
    2. The game will not be free to play at launch
    Our goal is for Albion Online to be a long term success, therefore, we only want to release the game when it is truly up to its potential. The extension of the closed beta period will allow us to make significant improvements to the game.

    For this reason, we are putting the free to play plans on hold as well. Making the game ready for a free to play model would take up significant development time which we would much rather use to make a better game. Free to play would also create a lot of risks for the game - spamming, botting, world too small, etc - which we do not want to take if it can be avoided.

    When the game goes live, current founder’s packs will be discontinued and replaced with starter packs, which will give access to the game but offer less value for money than the founder’s packs as this is only fair to all founders who help us in making the game. Of course, all founder's will automatically get full access to the game on release.

    We are truly overwhelmed by the success of Albion Online thus far and would like to thank all of your for your ongoing support and feedback. Together, we will make sure that Albion Online will be a great game made to last.

    Your Albion Online Team

    Major Game Improvements
    Note: the below does not list all the changes planned. Also, not everything listed below will make it into the final game.
    • New, Expanded and Immersive Game World
      • Significantly increase world size
      • Make cities and zones more unique
      • More and better dungeons
      • Different biomes (snow, swamp, etc

    • Zone Rework
      • Introduce Reputation and Crime System for yellow and red zones
      • Strongly increase the number of black zones
      • Remove fast travel to non-safe zones
      • Introduce “naked” teleport as an alternative to fast travel in PvP zones

    • PvP
      • Introduce an Ultima Online inspired Reputation and Crime System for yellow and red zones
      • Special perks and titles for virtuous and evil characters
      • Armor System Rework
      • Enchantment Rework
      • Tons of new items and abilities
      • Kill mails
      • Conquerable/Destructible open world structures
      • Improved ranking system
      • Scouting mechanics and items
      • GvG respawn timer
      • Larger variety of Hell Gates and better rewards

    • PvE
      • Allow lower tier mobs to provide fame towards combat progression
      • Increase the number of higher tier mobs
      • Fame bonus for group play
      • Make dungeons and gateway dungeons more rewarding
      • More and better dungeons and boss fights
      • Random spawning of special mobs
      • Armor System Rework
      • Enchantment Rework
      • Tons of new items and abilities
      • Rework faction and mission system*
      • Introduce Expeditions*
      • Introduce unique item blueprints and expedition maps as special drops/rewards*
      • *details to follow in seperate developer update

    • Gathering
      • Introduce special items and abilities supporting gatherers
      • Provide gatherers with better stealth and escape options

    • Economy
      • Remove excess supply of items from the market via training option at crafting buildings. Sneak Peak
      • Fast Travel Rework

    • Farming
      • Animal produced fertilizer to increase plant yield

    • Fishing
      • Details to follow in seperate developer update

    • Player Made Open World Structures
      • Details to follow in seperate developer update

    • User Interface and Quality of Life Improvements
      • PC optimized HUD
      • Friends List
      • Repair all button
      • Fast Salvage
      • Shift Click to move items
      • Smart Casting
      • Spell Range/Skillshot Indicator
      • Guild management improvements
      • Improved rights management system for guilds
      • Auto-sort/stack for banks
      • Allow items to be stackable
      • Better “mute” system to combat spammers
      • Outline characters/mobs that are hidden by objects
      • Bank asset overview
      • Transaction Log
      • Improved Mount/Dismount
      • … and many many more

    Kind regards,

    PS.: Thank you from the whole "Albion Online Team" for your support!
  2. Keldin

    Keldin Guild Member

    Wow, august.....
  3. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    yeah, the august release plan kind of threw me off and makes me not to happy about it, a bit to long away to invest alot of time when there will be 2 more wipes down the road, kind of annoyed with that.
  4. Merketh

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  5. Ebs

    Ebs High Templar

    Are you currently playing this game? If so what is your impressions and is it worth getting closed beta access?
  6. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    Welcome to the Matrix mr. @Ebs !

    Yes, a bunch of us are playing it atm (waiting for a wipe to happen to pick it up again)

    Game is a full loot, player driven Economy, player crafted gear, 1 world, all TZ's etc.

    Good things
    - Player driven
    - 1 server
    - full loot (yes, ppl will rage)
    - Guild territory capture is 5v5
    - instanced guild island + personal islands
    - full player crafting

    Bad things
    - Hard to get all the crafting up that you need
    - need a big guild or alot of silver to fund everything
    - teamplay is a must
    - need to work together to grind the fame to get your skills up

    Overall, yes, it's worth getting into, but you can wait for one of the upcomming wipes to either get a full clean start, or use current events to figure things out, learn how and what and then when the wipe happens to full sort it out
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  7. Ryatzu

    Ryatzu High Templar

    Ugh i wanted to play the release and now will have to wait longer...
    Oh well, other games to play then :)
  8. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    my advice will still be the same, buy into the beta, learn the game so that you have a small headstart for launch. It is complex as it is, and a mistake will cost you dearly in it (time-wise and LP wise)
  9. Kroy

    Kroy High Templar

    Ebs, come play ! I'm in and it's a Ultima-Online-like. I'm having a nostalgiagasm. If you can afford it - there is certainly things that you can use the beta for. Making noob mistakes is the biggest one, as Pil has mentioned.

    For example:

    • I was saving up cash to travel to the M-A island, in-game. It was about 2800 silver. By the time I had the money, I realised that there is a travel fee which includes your inventory. Remove the inventory and you travel far, far cheaper.
    • I also learned that I can sell gold to get silver. I am now much richer than I was even when I was given a kind donation from a guildy.
    • I learned many things to keep my noobness from killing me (by being killed or generally losing time): dungeons are not for tier 2's to solo even if they are next to the starter town, any adds, and you're down.

    Some negative things: There is no hiding the grind in this game. It's celebrated. Once again the time-poor will have to play second fiddle to the hardcore, but also with gold for sale for IRL, it's a macroers dream. We'll see how the gold sales pan out after release. The only way this game will have longevity is if we're playing as a team, which is also a positive.....

    So yeah, pick it up for like, 20 euros, or whatever it is, and join in.
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  10. Ryatzu

    Ryatzu High Templar

    Anyone tried the game on android? Seems fun to be able to play on a tablet.
    The urge is high to try it again. But don't think im able to be a pvp'er with this game. Is there enough content (aka to do) for crafters/farmers?
  11. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    As it is right now, the area we are at will allow you to get up to tier 5 easily with crafting / gathering etc (due to the zones) for the higher tier materials we would need red / black zones and we aren't based around that (also it would require pvp :p)

    For the rest there are guild island / member islands available where you can get some materials for alchemy, food buffs, potions etc.. But it would require that all members get into the guild (most were in KDS but I think they got booted aswell now and are waiting for the reset.

    Overall, join in, let me know and I will get you into the guild, tell you where to setup shop for your personal island and you can start working your way around with armor/weapons/refining and crafting.

    I do feel that when retail comes it is going to be beneficial to have multiple characters/accounts. This is for the refining / crafting as the LP will drain pretty quickly from your main pvp/pve char.
  12. Keldin

    Keldin Guild Member

    I do believe multi accounts are against the TOS. I am too lazy to look it up though :)

    I think 3 chars per account is a bit poor. Perhaps with going B2P, they will raise that some?

    As for LP, crafting is by far the biggest drain, but since your first month will be premium, you get quite a bit. Maybe your first char (that gets premium) needs to be your crafter. On the other hand, it was pretty easy to farm enough silver to by a month of premium.
  13. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    I think they mean on having multiple chars locked in at the same time. Not 100% but I would have to look that up. But I can just use my tablet for the crafting / refining if I want to ;) And that is something they cannot do. And yeah, I might end up with 2 more accounts since they are pretty cheap and easy to upgrade to premium as well in the future. So I am not to worried about that.
  14. Ebs

    Ebs High Templar

    Is this playable (read: enjoyable) if you can't always put a lot of time into it?

    EDIT: the time sensitive thing makes me a little worried but I will drop the cash to try this game. Probably this weekend! I want to be either a mage or a healer, any tips?
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  15. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    It all depends on what you want to focus on.

    Crafting / gathering / refining easily
    pvp / pve you might fall behind in the power/gear curve
  16. Kroy

    Kroy High Templar

    I've got the gist of the basic soloable things reasonably well, though I haven't progressed that far. Would be good to catch up with a few folks this weekend to see what's what with the multiplayer content.
  17. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    I should be around this weekend (not sure how and when (due to possible family things)) but catch me when you can :) I been doing gathering most of the time to upgrade the guildhall