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Discussion in 'Crowfall Recruitment' started by Sirac, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Sirac

    Sirac Guest

    Video games,Books,Movies,Music
    University Student
    Character Name:
    What time and days are you usually available to play:
    For now ''Everyday'' i am free but in future i dont know
    Do you have Discord, a working microphone and the ability to use it:
    Yes, but no Mic
    If you cannot use Discord to speak at certain times please indicate those times here:
    I dont like using voice chat,but i will buy a mic. when i buy a new computer for Crowfall.
    Do you use IRC:
    What type of internet connection do you have? Is it reliable:
    Its speed is 350 Kb/s, dont know my connection
    Why are you interested in joining Mystical Awakening:
    There isnt any special reason, i dont care as long as its a serious guild.But if we become friends thats reason for loyality
    Have you read (and agree with) our Guild Charter:
    Previous MMO Experience:
    Silkroad Online 65 lv.
    Knight Online 52 lv.
    Cabal Online 140 lv.
    What do you consider your best MMO achievements to date:
    I havent achieve anything yet,I used to not take seriously mmos really, but i will play crowfall with much more effort because its much more fun than other mmos with grind...
    What skills, knowledge or other contributions can you bring to Mystical Awakening:
    To be honest i dont think i will contribute anything for those who plays WoW or any mmo...Just standart things, different styles of crafting and hunting unique monsters i am familiar with but i dont think its that important
    List your previous guild(s) (from any MMO):
    Its been years so i dont remember...And i was on one guild from another...Changed so many guilds...
    Reason for leaving your previous guild:
    I never left any guild.
    Any existing Mystical Awakening member that can vouch for you:
    Describe your tolerance to constructive criticism:
    I have no problem with criticsm.
    What is your view on alt characters:
    I dont like alternative characters, I use standart builds.
    What, based on your MMO experience to date, is the reason you would most likely state for leaving the game:
    Easy to become strong for everyone and tiring grinds.
    Anything else you would like to share/add with us:
  2. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    Hi Sirac,

    after going over your application I have to say we have to decline it.

    We wish you good luck in finding a guild.